Dec 11, 2008

Taco Salad Meat

Sorry, please bear with me. I have a lot of yummy recipes that I want to share so I am finally sitting down and putting them all in at once.... Let me know what you think of them!!

-4 breasts of chicken
-2 taco bell taco seasoning packets
-1/2 cup catalina dressing
-1 can black beans

-Add all ingredients to a crock pot with one cup of water. Or cook on stove top with pre cooked chicken. Shred chicken and spoon meat mix onto taco salad or onto tacos...We like to make burrito wraps with it!!! Top with your favorite mex sides.

1 comment:

Brandee said...

Another easy recipe, throw it all in and walk away. I would recommend halfing the chicken portion to 2 breasts if making for only 2 people. I had way too many leftovers! Very good and something different!

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