Nov 25, 2008

Good Yams

*2 large cans of yams (drained)
*1 c brown sugar
*3 tbsp flour
*1 tsp salt
*1 c cream
*8-10 large marshmallows

1. Put yams in brownie pan.
2. Mix brown sugar, flour and salt. Then sprinkle mix over yams.
3. Then dump the cream over the yam mixture
4. Place marshmallows on top of the yam mixture
5. Bake at 350* for 40-45 minutes until thick and bubbly.

Enjoy!!! This is my grandmas recipe and its sooo very good!


Brandee said...

Thanks lady!! I am so making your grams yams for Turkey Day!!!

Candra said...

Sure.....anytime!! you will have to let me know if you love them as much as i do!! :)

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