Apr 20, 2009

BBQ Chicken with homemade winger sauce

(This is a picture I took just after I put it on the grill and it already look finger licking good!)
OK so I try and make a BBQ sauce that taste like Wingers:

Brown Sugar
Cayenne Pepper
Or just go buy it!? My kids say it does taste like the Winger sauce.

(sorry I just put a little of this and then that and some of this and taste, then go from there)
1 whole Chicken
1 can beer, or coke
BBQ sauce
Season and baste the chicken with the BBQ sauce (it needs to be thin not thick or it will burn) stick the can of beer or coke you know where.. hehe... and put on the grill on low low heat for about 1 hour, or until cooked ( I have to cut into mine to make sure that it isn't still pink, which to hard to tell due to the BBQ coloring) Turn and re basting every so often.
Way good serve with salad!! A great way to start off the BBQ season!!

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