Dec 2, 2010

Hot Tottie Drink

1 half shot Bourbon
1 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Lemon juice
1 cups HOT!! Water

Heat the cup of water, add the honey lemon and bourbon, stir sip and enjoy!!
(feels good on a sore throat)
Or try
3/4 cup black tea
shot of whiskey
squirt of lemon
1 teaspoon of honey cinnamon stick

How to make it
Microwave your black tea until hot. allow to steep for a little less than you would ordinarily.
Add the honey and the lemon, stir with the cinnamon stick.
Now the whiskey and stir again.
Enjoy! Or Feel better!!

Blackberry Hot Toddy

Hot Toddies, often associated with old-fashioned cold remedies, are usually made with water or tea and a shot of whisky. Fresh blackberry juice adds anti-oxidants and the addition of vanilla enhances the vanilla notes in the bourbon. To make more servings, increase the recipe and press the berries in a large bowl with a potato masher, then strain through a sieve

1/2 pkg. Blackberries (6 ounces)
2 oz. bourbon whiskey
1 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 each lemon wedge
1 pinch brown sugar
1 each vanilla stick
Smash blackberries with back of fork through sieve and capture juice in microwaveable bowl or glass pitcher.
Add whiskey, sugar, vanilla and juice from lemon wedge to blackberry mixture and stir until sugar is dissolved.
Prepare glass by running lemon wedge along rim of glass and dip glass in brown sugar.
Heat blackberry mixture for 30-45 seconds in microwave, pour into prepared glass.
Garnish with fresh blackberry and vanilla stick

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