Nov 1, 2009

Apple Jelly

This is awesome!!
And yummy too!

You can use all the garage from pealing apples for your pies, applesauce, or just use all the "ugly" apples you have!!

This is a jelly bag. In the blog that I got this from, she didn't know what it was or looked like.

I asked one of my friends that I thought would know what one is.

It works, but is small. I just used the cheese cloth, lots bigger.

This is all my waste from peeling the apples. I didn't take one after I left it over night. Should have, it was disappointing.

But then when we tasted this.... Well it was worth it, even though it doesn't make a lot. Its wonderful!!! And hey, it isn't hard.

I made strawberry applesauce and pumpkin spice applesauce, and regular. I try to post those soon.

1 comment:

jenmenke said...

yes that blog was me. Thanks for showing me the jelly bag. Interesting. Looks like it would work great, assuming it was big enough.

click on my name to find the apple rosemary jelly recipe if you want to try it.

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