Jan 29, 2009

Buffalo Hot Wings

Perfect For Superbowl!!

These taste just like Pizza Hut's traditional hot wings. So, instead of forking out $20.00 for 20 hot wings, just whip up your own in 15 minutes flat and they only cost about $5.00.

Chicken wings, thawed
white vinegar
Franks Hot Sauce
butter, melted
cayenne (depends on how hot you want it)
Vegetable Oil

Defrost your chicken wings and pat them dry (you don't want to drop "wet" wings into hot oil). Heat oil to 400 degrees in a deep fryer or deep pan, and cook wings for about 12 to 15 minutes. While wings are cooking, make your sauce, which is the vinegar, Franks hot sauce, and butter. You can add cayenne if Franks hot sauce isn't hot enough for you. I didn't really use any measurements. I just through ingredients together and kept "finger-licking" taste testing it until I thought it was perfect.

Remove wings from oil and smother in sauce. Let them cool for a few minutes....that oil was HOT! Grab some napkins, because these babies get really messy, and they are finger lickin' good!

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