May 18, 2011

Dessert Pizza Recipe

Nonstick spray
3 Tbsp butter
10 oz mini marshmallows
6 cups crisp rice cereal
1 quart raspberry or strawberry sherbet, softened
Fruit of choice

Spray a metal or tinfoil pizza pan with nonstick spray, set aside.

In a glass bowl (microwave) or large pot (stove top), melt butter and marshmallows, stirring until completely melted and well combined. Add cereal, stir until well coated.
Press mixture into bottom of pizza pan to form a “pizza crust” – keep the middle relatively even, and build up a bit of a “crust” around the outside. Cool until set.

Spread with softened sherbet:

Wrap with plastic wrap, freeze until ready to serve. Just before serving, remove from freezer, top with fruit! Slice and serve like you would any other pizza

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